Custom Waist Training Corsets - A New Service

Maine Cottage Garden has always been our passion but selling day lilies, pine boxes, garden art, music and information hasn't always been profitable. In fact, none of the services we offer could provide a sustainable income on its own. This is why we at Maine Cottage Garden pride ourselves on being versatile. The income we earn from each of our services /products adds up, so we've decided to add another product. We've started specializing in waist training corsets. You might be wondering how someone who sings and gardens could become a "corset expert". Well, like all of the other products and services on here, I began waist training and it became an addiction and passion of mine. I couldn't find a corset that fit "just right" so my husband and I used our product developing experience and started creating corsets. It took us months before we could find a corset that sat just right above the hips and didn't dig in, but we did it. At this time, we aren't going to sell corsets on the website, but if you order by phone or drop in we'd be more than willing to fit you with your own personal corset. Maine Cottage Garden is confident that we will be producing some of the best waist training corsets around. Check the corsets out. - Maine Cottage Garden Staff

A three acre perennial garden open to the public by appointment. Thanks to all for a sucessful season.

We sell a selection of perennials specializing in Hostas, Daylilys, and edible perennials, but have shifted in a major way to food production and preservation in an attempt to keep food as "local" and GMO free as possible. (GMO - genetic crop modification -- a really bad idea!)

Although not formally certified as "organic", no pesticides are used in this garden, and no sewage sludge is used anywhere. We don't care to live around toxic chemicals, and the plants do fine without them. Horse dressing is used as mulch, and large amounts of leaves and grass clippings are worked into the soil each year in an effort to practice natural, sustainable gardening. As a result, Carolyn calls the garden a "Bug Sanctuary", and a "Worm Farm". The "Food Chain" is uninterrupted. The balance of "bug eat bug" is kept, and the plants thrive. Our growing flock of chickens provides eggs and excellent bug contol.

Chicken pen
A nurse by training, a gardener at heart, Carolyn created the cottage-style gardens (naturalistic plantings) over a period of twelve years to a dimension that attracts hundreds of visitors each year. She calls it "Wellness Therapy".
Luna Moth art
Dried Flower Arrangement with Luna Moth
17 X 21 3D Oak Frame - $525.00

Arts and Crafts Era Heirlooms

Winters in Maine offer time to rest, and enjoy artistic work that can't be done in Summer when weeding and meeting garden visitors is the first priority.

Each creation is a unique, everlasting collage of nature's flowers and moths preserved in an oak shadow-box frame.

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