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Many years ago I watched with dismay as grief-stricken relatives were sold a terrifically over-priced coffin by a funeral director who used some pretty intense psychological arm twisting to make the sale. The experience was unpleasant enough that I decided that there really needed to be a choice available for those who would like an eye-pleasing, dignified, reasonably priced alternative. DJ

Delivering to Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, & Vermont only!

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Dignified, Finely Crafted Multi-Purpose Chests

Coffin - Hope Chest - Cupboard - Coffee Table

The Plain Maine Pine Box is carefully hand-crafted by David Jenson in a privately owned shop in the Western Mountain Region of Maine using native White Pine or Popular. Machine-cut dovetails are used for strength and eye-pleasing joinery. Unfinished boxes with minimal metal and rope handles are available for folks who want a "green" funeral. Because each box is individually made by ONE craftsman, specific sizes and finishes may not be available for immediate delivery.

Pine Box

Dovetail Detail

Pine box, red oak stain

The standard finish is an antique, low-gloss, dark red (Red Oak) stain with rope, or hardwood handles. Sizes are; 5' - 6", 6', and 6' - 6" by 24' wide, and 15" to 16" depth (custom sizes available by special order). The price per box is $800 to $1,800 depending on finish, hardware, and joinery. Poplar boxes (same finish, or unfinished) are available for the same prices. New England States delivery is $100 if you can't pick it up.

For the frugal minded buyer who wants to keep life simple to the end; a fiscally prudent and biodegradable alternative to modern burial methods that can do extra duty as a conversation piece, and an attractive, simple, dignified, useful item of furniture. - Below - plain unfinished with chest handles -

plain unfinished

Please remember that this is a very local service. To find a casket maker in your area, try this excellent list provided by FCA. We will answer inquires and initiate order processing by e-mail, by phone, or you can contact us by writing to -

Here is an excellent off-site link - the home page of FCA, the Funeral Consumers Alliance. This is an extensive collection of resources and information for people who might be interested in information on burial and matters relating to picking specific funeral services.

Funeral homes buy coffins at very low prices and mark them up at a pretty steep rate. I've tried to price these boxes so that my labor and material costs are covered, and the end user saves the stiff industry markup. Read the FCA site linked above, and make sure you know your rights as a funeral consumer. You can provide your own coffin! Be prepared for some resistance, and attempted phoney charges from some funeral homes, as this is one of their big profit-makers.